My Own Story

I hope I didn't bore you too much with my life story. -Elvis Presley Throughout my blog, I have touched on multiple points on the importance of employee engagement and using it to produce content that people will be interested in. I also talk about why it's important to be kind to everyone we encounter …

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Learning to Compartmentalize

The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. Stephen Covey   It can be easy to constantly brush off problems or issues that might arise within your company. You get so wrapped up in your own world with your own problems, you might forget about the employees who …

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Inspire & Prosper

Any person who contributes to prosperity must prosper in turn. -Earl Nightingale It can be hard to keep up with everyday "modern marketing" because really there is SO much new content being produced and pushed onto people's feeds. According to  the Talent Culture Blog, "Customers want relationships, stories and authenticity, and your employees are the …

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